Its A Team Effort


The RA team is invested in creating a sustainable future.


Our partnerships are leading the transitions in smart energy management and solar innovations.


We are committed to our customers and to future generations.


Collectively we have installed over 10 MW of solar and would like to discuss the possibilities with you!


We start with

Conservation - because the cheapest energy you use is the energy you don't use.

                          And by shrinking your consumption you need to generate less sustainable energy.


Generation -    We can plan your systems to integrate with your utility and facility with the ability to look at future growth                            for your organization.


Forward Planning - Design it and build it to be Net Zero and you will save energy every day.





Gary R. Gustafson



John E. Wentz, Ph.D.

CTO Advisor


Blaine Marcou

Sales and Marketing


Ben Wallace



Jeffrey Schockaconger

Project Planning


Westwood Professional Services


Power delivery problem-solvers assisted by professionals experienced in multiple disciplines. Creating integrated project design solutions to reduce risk and streamline construction. 

Hunt Electric 


An industry leader providing the most innovative, high quality and cost-effective electrical design-build solutions. Our commitment to cost-saving techniques, stringent safety practices, accuracy in estimating and the implementation of new technologies makes us a unique and powerful electrical contracting company.

MBA Engineering


If it moves MBA can track it. From packaged goods to the fuel flowing to the nations major railroads.  Tracking, monitoring, securing, billing from storage to end use.  

Energy Insight  


Specializes in strategic energy management planning and customized engineering services. Its team of engineers, analysts, and project managers help organizations make conservation improvements to optimize energy usage and reduce energy consumption.