A more productive use of land and resources

Utilize your bogs with high water table

Wastewater treatment pond


Wetlands for solar power generation























A system that is flexible and stable enough to be floating on water will make your high water table land more productive.
























Notice how the above system on land with a high water table forced the panels to loosen.


Additional benefits floating systems can be improving water quality by inhibiting the formation of algae by preventing sunlight from entering the water.

System Characteristics

  • Low-Cost system with very few moving parts

  • Floats are packed with foam agent to keep water out and maintain buoyancy in all types of conditions.

  • Flexibility and strength on high water table lands allow the system to move as the water table moves the land even when pitching and heaving caused by freezing

  • Additional cooling effect from being over wetlands improves efficiency

  • Flexible enough to accommodate 60 and 72 cell solar panels

  • The system is Lightweight sturdy and resilient against UV light.

  • All components meet OSHA requirements for one person carry

  • Simple construction easy assembly with a minimum of two people

  • Shorter construction periods


Creation of new revenue streams

RA Systems floating solar arrays allow the utilization of formally unaccessible lands while keeping your crop lands growing and natural lands unspoiled.


Reduce environmental Burden     

No need to disrupt natural spaces or farmland to create your solar garden.  Now it can float on marshy land or ponds or waste treatment facilities.


Installation options

Agricultural irrigation points, flood control reservoirs, industrial water retaining ponds reservoirs, lakes, bogs, lands with high water tables


High power generating efficiency

Due to the cooling effect of surface moisture solar panels can achieve a higher efficiency.


Water Control

By reducing the amount of light reaching the water surface algae growth will be reduced.  Also, water evaporation will be reduced due to the shading effect of the solar panels on the water.


Reduced maintenance

When placed over wetlands vs farmland the need for maintaining weed growth is eliminated