Developing Resilency




Power Resiliency 

The growth of the 21st century includes the proliferation of electronics, the booming global populations add to this the structural antiquity of an outdated electric grid designed and in many cases built before most of us were born.  These have strained the urban living environment with heavy power draws each day that utility companies struggle to keep up with. This often results in brown-outs, black-outs, and high consumer energy rates. 


Centralized vs Distributed 

For the last century, the centralized model of utility networks has been effective in sending power where it needs to go on-demand.  This was designed with a single-sender & multiple receivers.  This model is used by most of the modern society today.  This is where each end-user in the network draws their power from the single-sender power plant, with the flip of a switch or the click of a remote.


The Grid  

You have heard conversations regarding the “grid”.  This model is outdated in more ways than one. There are simply too many people flipping too many switches, much too often, over too long of distances! 


Enter DERN  

Distributed Energy Resource Networks (DERN)


DERN is a new method of power distribution throughout your community where each end-user is a receiver AND a sender of electricity.  


This is made possible by having your own solar generation facility and battery backup or turning your entire building into a battery bank!  With the ability to store your own power reserves, you draw the energy when demand is low and cheap or generate it when the sun is out and use it when power demand is high and expensive.  


You become a VPP  

You can make this more effective when you add a renewable solar energy generation option on your site as well; allowing you to generate, store, and distribute your own power back to the grid as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). By giving back energy to the grid, others can use it while you turn a profit.  You can be the infrastructure in developing the resiliency measures for your community and reducing the urban carbon footprint. 


Net Metering  

Net metering is where you can send energy back into the grid and use it when you need it.

In many states, your utility will pay you for this energy.  However, there are some stated where this is not legally that the utilities to purchase this power.


Understanding Demand and Storage

The following DOE YouTube Video is an explanation of Demand and Storage.

It will explain what demand is and how solar combined with storage can help mitigate part of this expense. 




RA Systems provides a solution for you.   

At RA, we build custom, intelligent energy storage systems for homes, businesses and entire buildings that provide financial and energy resilience for the urban and rural landscape.


Our storage systems are compact and readily expandable to give you the most power in the smallest amount of space. 


Compared to gas-powered generators, our units are easily installed, silent with no noise pollution and do not produce any fossil fuel emissions — perfect for a greener footprint.


Our energy storage systems are designed as a complete system. Designed to be integrated with solar energy generation and complete system monitoring. Solar is an option but not necessary.


With battery technology evolving, we will always provide the highest quality product at the most affordable price for your personal energy storage needs.  

Our turn-key solution with monitoring and servicing makes your experience as seamless as possible. 


With the way energy generation is changing, our goal is to help develop communities with a green footprint.  Energy storage is a key factor facilitating the growth of solar, wind, hydroelectric and other renewable energy industries locally.  With your help, we can promote the integration of these environmentally sound, SMART technologies in your community by turning you're building into an interconnected, sustainable, battery bank. 


RA Systems energy storage is somewhat different from the usual micro-grid model but very simple. We incorporate many small systems into a networked structure equating to the same capacity of much larger, centralized battery systems that are commonly seen. 


Our approach allows you the end-users to own Behind-The-Meter energy management, stability and savings.


Avoided Costs 

In addition one of the biggest savings you will see is the ability to shave demand.

Set your demand levels for your system and avoid the spikes that raise your utility bills.

Typically f you have demand charges you are billed in 115-minute segments throughout a month.

The highest 15-minute segment will set your demand bill for the entire month.

Having the ability to pull from your own energy pool for those often times peak periods can save big time let us show you how.


RA Systems Storage 

We consult, design and install advanced storage back-up systems for homes, apartments and businesses. More recently, battery storage is quickly becoming the clean energy solution for emergency back-up power, demand response programs and risk management and tech providers.


Building Owners and Property Managers are in the business of managing and maintaining properties while being able to offer unique, quality services in an industry that can be highly competitive.


It is becoming more important to building owners and managers to be able to find ways that can meet these ‘green building’ requirements and challenges at a reasonable cost and find financial benefit.


Currently, there are many attractive energy incentives being offered by the Federal Government and almost every state geared toward:

Building Owners,

Property Management

Companies and Associations


Additionally, we can offer you some of the best funding options available if needed, specific to fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green building.


Tech companies love the security of reliable energy and that is why green buildings can secure significantly higher rents for building owners!