Every project

As unique

As you



Personal Power




Comes In All Shapes and Sizes


The shape of the roof and the obstructions

Will determine what we will be doing to

Maximize your energy yield!

Literally everything can affect the power output for the good or bad.

Here are a few installation examples

To give you an idea of what your roof or property could possibly look like

Should you choose to go solar



The amount of power you would like to capture and the shape of your roof will determine the layout of the solar array we install on your roof.


Here are a few options for a roof with a southern facing exposure without obstructions.





Optimizing panel layout in an aesthetically

pleasing manner is part of the process.


Everything is subject to your approval.





Our goal is to help you optimize your investment.


Here are some creative ways to get the most out of a southern exposure while working around the obstacles on the roof.



Free Standing


If room on a roof is not an option perhaps something freestanding on some space around your property!


Freestanding can turn usable space into profitable energy!






Let it snow!  It's solar and the sun will melt it away.


Neither wind nor sleet or snow will keep our collectors from providing you with optimum energy.