A revolutionary 

Path to sustainability


To be more sustainable

you need to know which product will

make or save you money every time you use it.


How much can solar reduce my monthly utility bill?


We will help you determine

the return on your investment

for home or building or

any type of solar installation.



Resilient because they are built to a higher standard.


You are making an investment and you want to optimize your return on that investment.

You want a product that will produce optimum power output and also a product that will last and last and last and last.............

Our product is the next generation of solar in every way.




Invisible Storage


With or without the grid you have your energy needs covered With invisible storage.  

Its out of sight and out of mind but always there for your needs on a moment notice giving you peace of mind!

Coming in late 2022


Waste Heat Recovery


Waste not want not.  Just because you got it for free doesn't mean you should waste it!

Our technology will recover ELD every last drop!



Some Physics of Solar


      Photo Voltaics aka PV

           * Photo Voltaics use a small section of the electro

               magnetic spectrum, in most cases just the red visible                      light


            * PV Performs best when cool - thus cool climates can be                as effective at producing solar as hot sunny climates

























Thermal aka T

             * Thermal energy comprises more than 1/2 of the

                electro magnetic spectrum energy we can capture.

             * Another way to look at this is roughly 1/2 of your                           energy consumption is in the form of thermal energy,                     for space heating, hot water heating, and air                                   conditioning.






















         Together we call this PVT 

         Look for this in our upcoming product releases!