Creating Smart Micro-Grids

RA Systems is part of the Smart Grid with clean energy Micro-Grids
This is not anything you will need to do as our systems will handle all of this behind the scenes
The following is part of a multi-lecture series on grid fundamentals.
The concepts are explained in an easy to understand the flow of information.
Here is a series of YouTube videos explaining:
  • What the smart grid is
  • How a micro-grid fits in
  • All the components of a micro-grid and smart-grid
  • Why these are good for you and the future of energy

What Is the Smart Grid?

U.S. Department of Energy

Short Explanation

Get the basics on how smart grid technology impacts you.

Smart Grid Fundamentals

Lecture 1 part 1

Detailed Explanation

Overview of all of the components of a smart grid
Sustainable energy is mentioned as part of the micro-grid

Pricing Fundamentals

Lecture 1 part 2

There are a number if different types of energy that go into the energy you currently use.  Each has advantages and disadvantages.  Understanding how these work together will help you understand the possibilities of your sustainable energy project.

Production Fundamentals

Lecture 1 part 3

This video explains how the different types of power plants and how they work to generate electricity.  
Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear and why each is part of the mix.

Telemetry Remote Measuring

Lecture 2 part 1

This is all done seamlessly behind the scene, remotely measuring your energy and the importance of collecting the data. Allows us to study your needs and be proactive with regard to the energy you can produce, because you are becoming partially your own energy producer.

Telemetry Remote Measuring

Lecture 2 part 2

Developing a system that addresses your goals for your micro-grid.  Identifying your measurements needs and integrating them into