The Micro 


The Macro


There is something amazing watching the birds fly in this image above, they just know which way to go and never run into each other.
This is exactly how our system operates to guarantee you maximum power by coordinating each panel of your system.
It knows what direction to send the energy, onsite for your consumption or into the grid to be sold back to your utility.
Traditionally solar panels have been connected up in series.
The problem with that system is, if a bird or a branch landed on one panel all the panels in the series would be brought to the lowest level shaded by the obstruction.
Enter our Micro with the Macro System.
Micro Inverters
Solar panels collect power in DC current similar to that of a car battery or lap top or cell phone.
Each Panel in our systems has its own micro inverter collecting the DC electricity from just one panel.
To make it usable for your home or building, this will optimize the
power output from the panel directly to the main inverter.

Macro Inverters

We install a minimum of 8 panels in our systems.
All the panels in our systems will be connected to an inverter similar to this one.
This master inverter will collect the energy from all the micro inverters
Convert it to AC power and then
Feed it into your home or building
With the excess energy sold back to the grid or stored in your onsite battery back up system
Each imverter comes with a automatic and manual rapid shut down.
This is for the safety of service professionals in case they need to access electricity on your premises.
Additional information on our systems
Additional features such as 
Grid By Pass
Battery Back Up
Are linked here.