Supplier Responsibility


The goals we have for our suppliers are:

Zero land fill in the production, distribution and use of our products.

A commitment to work toward carbon neutral production of our products.


We work with suppliers that are on a path toward sustainability.

To do this we are working with individuals 

at companies that can

articulate the problem 

and constructively suggest solutions

to move their companies toward this goal.

There is no finish line.

We build products that outlast the buildings they are placed in or on

and are recyclable down to the last component with zero landfill.

Theft is a crime. 

And theft of our children's future will someday be a crime.

There must be a clear, demonstrable alternative to the take-make-waste industrial system that so dominates our civilization, and is the major culprit, stealing our children's future, by digging up the earth and converting it to products that quickly become waste in a landfill or an incinerator -- in short, digging up the earth and converting it to pollution.