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A group of sustainable energy companies under the RA Brand.


All our companies are focused developing, manufacturing installing and financing commercial Solar energy systems at your business, helping you reduce your energy costs by cutting the amount of electricity purchased from the utility.


 It also delivers a strong sustainable message to your customers


A collection of Solar innovation and system installation companies based in Minneapolis, MN. We are committed to advancing the adoption and use of solar energy as a responsible way to move US beyond fossil fuels and into greater sustainability.


Starting as a product innovation company, with 30 years of service committed to strengthening sustainability. Our goal for RA is moving US toward a carbon free economy that sustains life for future generations.


Our team is committed to creating impact by developing new and innovative ways to generate green sustainable energy that can assist in reducing carbon footprints while preserving the environment and advancing new green energy economic models.


At RA we Design It, Produce It, Install It, and Finance It to facilitate energy management and the transition to solar.

Our Companies

“Knowledge is Power” We develop pioneering innovations to meet your needs using photovoltaics, photovoltaic thermal, thermal electric generators, waste heat recovery and storage.

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RA Knowledge

Innovating products to power our future energy needs

RA Systems

Manufacturing integrated sustainable energy systems

“Regenerative Alternatives Made for Powering all of US” RA Systems manufactures integrated energy products in the United States and Worldwide. As the Sun powers the Earth, RA Systems are made with an eye toward the interconnection of the whole system powering a sustainable Earth starting with the US.


Our products provide a complete integrated solution to meet your energy management needs.

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RA Energy

Installing and servicing sustainable energy systems

We install and service sustainable energy systems. Our systems go beyond PV, install quickly, are customizable and scalable. Reduce your carbon footprint in a way that makes the most sense for you.

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Go green with a positive return on your investment. We can provide 100% financing, that will generate a solid return. We offer Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs) to help you pave the road to renewable energy in your future. We have a 501(c)(3) financing program that captures tax credits and deductions for your organization to enable your sustainable impact and increase the return on your investment. It’s a win-win for people, profit, and planet.

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RA Finance

Financing a green return on your investment

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