Reasons To Go Solar


We are trying to be objective on this issue throughout our site

We included the information we feel is important to you when making your decision to or not to go solar.  

Please give us your comments or questions 

Average Price of Electricity

This is a link to the eia US Energy Information Administration website.

It has the average Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector.


As you look at solar you need to know there are other costs that go up or down and are included in your bill and are based on

      The amount of energy you use

      The time of day you use it

      The peak demand



Solar Economics 101


While many people can recoup their solar investment

In a short period and enjoy

Free energy for the rest of their life.

All areas of the country, homes and buildings are different.

What is good for you

Might not be the best option for your neighbor.

Our goal is to be objective on this issue

To do so we have included a couple of 3rd party links

To let you see for yourself what your economics are. 

When you are ready to proceed or if you would like

Some assistance please contact us as we are here to help.



Energy Security


There is a lot of talk about the grid.

Well what is it?

The US electric grid is an interconnected network of electricity providers suppling consumers.  This grid is divided into 3 main Segments, the East Coast, West Coast and

Major sections of the South primarily Texas.

Two major factors make the "grid" vulnerable

Under capacity for peak load demands and

According to Ted Koppel cyber terrorism.  

Check out Ted's links on CBSFOX, PBS and Google.




Grid Tie In


PV Cells aka Photo Voltaic Cells Collectors

Have a number of advantages including:

In the right location you can rapidly recover your investment With our quality and durability we offer warranties of 12 years Warranty extensions are available for up to 25 years.

Our defect rate with over 125,000 units in the field

For over 5 years is 6 units which is less than .005%

Most utilities will purchase energy at peak rates giving you the Option of regular rebate checks or credits on your bill.


Energy price stability and security.


This option needs to be tied into the grid to work.

Something you should know, your solar panels need a kick Start in the morning to work.

If this is tied directly into the grid we equip this system with a Rapid shut down which is required by utilities in the event the Grid goes down.

As an FYI, without this in the event of the grid going down you Would be sending electricity into the grid and endangering the utility line workers.


For our grid bypass system please read on. 


Grid Bypass



To bypass the grid we offer a simple add on to our system that Will automatically switch your system to a free standing system In the event that a grid goes out.


This is not something everyone wants so we offer this as an

Add-on to your system.


Depending on the system size and available sunlight for any Given day you may or may not be able to power your whole House or building as you normally do but you will have power!


Battery Backup


Charge your batteries when the sun is up to give you power when it's not!


You can elect to be part of the grid with this set up however utilities may have restrictions on the net meter rates they are willing to pay you for the energy you sell back to them.  Depending on your utility we can let you know exactly what their regulations are.